Monday, October 5, 2009

Watermelons and lassie

Just ate and I feel like my blood sugar is very low.  Have no idea why.  Guess it is something I ate.

Been having really weird dreams that I can't seem to remember.  Oh I can remember for about the first 10 minutes of being awake, but then it all goes away.  Sounds like my reality also.  Can't remember anything.

Been sleeping for 5 hours, then getting up for 3, and then sleeping again for 3 more.  My sleeping pattern is screwed up bad.  Would like to sleep 8 hours and then get up....but only if I have to....get up.

As some people know, I hate the holidays.  Which ones?  Take your pick.  Haven't been a fan in many years.  Why?  Who knows.

The wife and niece want me to dress up for Halloween and decorate our building.  They decorated it last year and went WAY overboard...but I actually liked it.  Told them that I didn't want any part of it this year.  Might dress up, but only because of my business.

Will be saying a big NO WAY when they want me to hang Christmas lights or put up the tree.  Bah Humbug. 

The rain is draining my energy.  I know that the summer heat sucked, but this "fall" weather is just dreary.  And it makes me feel so.....

* not going to explain it for you!

Went swimming for about 5 minutes yesterday.  The water temp was supposed to be 85, but felt more like 45.  Will need to get my friends a new thermometer for their pool.  Maybe I can find one that gives the surface temp and a depth temp.

Two of our puppies go to their new home this weekend.  I am happy because my friends are taking them, but will be sad that they are gone. 

Tired now.  Must rest.